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online > Naples Uncovered – A Virtual Tour of Naples and its World-Class Museum



online > Naples Uncovered – A Virtual Tour of Naples and its World-Class Museum

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From the frescoes of Pompeii to the art installation by Gian Maria Tosatti at the Madre Museum. From the ancient catacombs to the masterpieces of the Baroque era. The beauties of Naples are available on your screens thanks to this project realized by Google Arts and Culture in collaboration with the main Italian Museums and Cultural Institutions and that unveils Naples before your eyes.

Available here in both Italian and English, the platform features more than 2,000 images of frescoes, statues, paintings, graffiti and rare documents, taking you to a trip through over 20 centuries. 

In addition to the masterpieces from the National Museum of Archeology (with more than 733 pieces online),  the Madre Museum (374 pieces online), the Museum of Capodimonte (516) and the catacombs, it’s also worth visiting the virtual tour of the Cartastorie (that is the Museum of the Archives of the Naples Bank), the Graffiti Park in Ponticelli and a number of exhibits curated by the Novantanove Foundation.

Last but not least, the virtual tour features 200 photos of paintings from the Capodimonte Museum in the highest resolution ever. For the first time, the paintings were photographed with a special high definition camera with exceptionally high resolution. 

For example, The Flagellation of Christ by Caravaggio is unveiled for the first time in its smallest details, with captions and commentaries. You can see the whip of one of the characters, or the foot of a soldier pressing on Christ’s calf. Similarly, while rolling your mouse over the body of the beautiful Danae by Tiziano, you can learn the story of how her face is supposed to portrait a certain Angela, allegedly the lover of Cardinal Alessandro Farnese.

It took more than two years to put all of this together. Each “unveiled” museum is also linked to a series of online exhibitions with even more pictures and stories written by experts and curators.

And if you would like to take more virtual visits to Italy, Google Arts and Culture is also offering similarly detailed specials on Rome and Milan.

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Date: From Wednesday, April 01, 2020 to Sunday, May 31, 2020

Entrance : Free