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Women Who Jazz: Chiara Civello

Chiara Civello


Our Women Who Jazz series continues with singer-pianist-songwriter Chiara Civello. Referred to as “the best jazz singer of her generation” by Tony Bennett, Chiara Civello will indulge DC music enthusiasts with her latest record, Eclipse

A mix of elegant pop, Brazilian influences and contagious “sambalanço”, a few surprising excerpts from Italian cinema and classics, including a superb, jazzy rendition of Parole Parole by the one and only Mina, will be all part of this concert experience. 

Chiara’s return to the United States will allow to you enter her magical world of pictorial songs where the listener experiences and perceives the lights, the shadows, the chiaroscuros and the silhouette of music, just like an Eclipse.

Chiara will be joined on stage by Seby Burgio (keyboards) and Federico Scettri (drums).


This concert will be broadcast live by WPFW 89.3 FM




Embassy of Italy 
3000 Whitehaven Street NW 
Washington, DC 20008



Please Note



Due to new safety regulations, we are not allowed to add extra seats to the auditorium or let anyone stand. A registration is not a guarantee of a seat as these are assigned on a first-come first-served basis. Doors close at event start-time.



PREVIEW (via Youtube)


Chiara Civello

In 2005, Billboard Magazine noted that, “the beauty, charm and allure of singer/pianist/songwriter Chiara Civello’s debut…makes for an auspicious beginning and marks the first revelation of the New Year.” The International Herald Tribune declared “her combination of personality, soulfulness and sophistication…striking.”

Called “the best jazz singer of her generation” by Tony Bennett, Chiara Civello lived up to that claim with her numerous releases. Although Civello has performed straight-ahead jazz in the past, she is not a full-time jazz singer or a bebop purist by any means; stylistically, much of the material she has recorded for Verve is closer to Sade, Basia, Norah Jones, Nellie McKay (minus the eccentricity and sharp-tongued humor) or Rickie Lee Jones than it is to hardcore jazz vocalists like Abbey Lincoln, Sheila Jordan and Kitty Margolis. But the jazz influence is almost always present in Civello’s pop recordings — and since her arrival in the United States, she has crossed paths with major jazz musicians like alto saxophonist Phil Woods and guitarist Mike Stern. Listing all of Civello’s influences could be time-consuming; Civello gives the impression that along the way, she has listened to everyone from Joni Mitchell, Sade and Sting to Ella Fitzgerald, Julie London and Billie Holiday. Brazilian jazz and pop is also a strong influence on Civello, who is obviously well aware of Brazilian greats such as Astrud Gilberto, Gal Costa, Ivan Lins and Antonio Carlos Jobim. Although Civello grew up in a country where Italian is the primary language, much of her writing has been in English. Civello, in fact, has been singing and writing in at least four languages — English, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish — and when she performs in English, Civello sings with only a slight trace of an Italian accent. 

Civello was still living in Italy when, at the age of 17, she was hired to perform as a featured vocalist for the Mario Raja Big Bang. After that, she was employed by Italian jazz drummer Roberto Gatto, who is well-known in Italy and included her in his group the Noisemakers. In 1993, Civello moved to Boston after being awarded a scholarship to the prestigious Berklee College of Music — and by the time she graduated from Berklee in 1998, Civello had received a Boston Jazz Society Award as well as a Cleo Laine Award. In 2000, she left Boston for New York City, where she met veteran producer Russ Titelman, who has worked with a long list of major artists that includes, among others, Paul Simon, Rickie Lee Jones, Randy Newman, Eric Clapton, Steve Winwood, Gordon Lightfoot, James Taylor and Brazilian star Milton Nascimento. Titelman went on to produce a demo for Civello and introduced her to Ron Goldstein, president and CEO of the Verve Music Group, and Goldstein ended up offering her a contract. Titelman also introduced Civello to veteran pop composer Burt Bacharach, with whom she co-wrote the song “Trouble.” Late Quarter Moon, Civello’s first album for Verve, was given a February 2005 release date in the United States.



Last Quarter Moon (2005, Verve)

The Space Between (2007, Universal Music)

7752 (2010, EmArcy)

Al Posto del Mondo (2012, Sony)

Canzoni (2014, Sony)

Eclipse (2017, Sony)


  • Organizzato da: IIC Washington