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music > How I Met Puccini

how i met puccini
how i met puccini

The Italian Cultural Institute of Washington presents musicians Valentina Ciardelli and Stefano Teani in “How I Met Puccini”, a project with which we celebrate Puccini’s music and poetics a century after his departure.

“How I Met Puccini” pays tribute to Giacomo Puccini, renowned as the second most frequently performed Italian composer globally. Puccini hails from a lineage of musicians spanning five generations, and he’s credited for pioneering musical innovation by venturing into diverse genres like film scores, musicals, and even pop singles, establishing himself as the inaugural true crossover composer.

To join us for the evening, a registration is required.

📍Embassy of Italy
3000 Whitehaven Street, NW
Washington, DC 20008


Registration (available March 14, 2024)

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How I Met PucciniⓇ is an augmented performance concept. Adapting Puccini’s poetics to modern language without betraying its essence, How I Met Puccini wants to amuse and excite opera and classical music audience as well as bring new generations closer to the classical music stage. How I Met PucciniⓇ is a unique 360-degree project that combines different forms of art and communication like illustration and performance.It has been on stage since December 2021 with the official launch of chamber music season in the Puccini Days in Lucca. All fantasies re-composed by Valentina Ciardelli for chamber ensemble or orchestra, have already debuted in halls such as Teatro del Giglio Lucca, Teatro Cucinelli Perugia, Teatro Alighieri Ravenna, Teatro La Scala, Teatro La Fenice Venice, St. Katharinen Kirchen in Hamburg, and Blackheath halls in London.

This event solely focuses on its musical component.


Valentina Scheldhofen Ciardelli is a classically trained musician. Studying piano first she fell in love with the base at the age of 20 and now she explores the worldwide music scene and at the same time wishes to establish a new musical virtuosity on her double bass. She finds this particular instrument very versatile and unique.

She is particularly moved by the music of Frank Zappa and has transcribed his music since she was 11 adapting it for the classical world.

She firmly believes that the 21st century will be a renaissance for the double bass and compares it to the Romantic era when the Piano violin or cello start.


Graduated with full marks in composition, film scoring and piano, in 2016 he attended the Italian Opera Academy of Mº Muti. He also attended masterclasses with renowed teachers in piano (De Maria, Delle Vigne, Balzani), composition (Murail, Corghi, Bonifacio) and conducting (Neuhold, Bufalini, Kuhn).

From 2018 he is composer in residence at Accademia di Montegral of Gustav Kuhn, being also his assistant. In the following year, his opera Maximilian – written together with Beomseok Yi – was performed at Tiroler Festspiele di Erl (Austria). In 2020 he creates the Orchestra Sinfonica della Versilia, of which he is President and musical director. In the same year he publishes the book “L’epoca dell’Essere, la musica del mondo nuovo” (Felici Editore). He has studied Philosophy at Pisa University and he practices Karate, Iaido and Jodo.


  • Organizzato da: Italian Cultural Institute of Washington