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streaming > EuroAsia Shorts 2022 - Italian Shorts Selection



streaming > EuroAsia Shorts 2022 - Italian Shorts Selection

Now in its 16th year (2022), EuroAsia Shorts (originally the Asian-European Short Film Showcase) remains a collaboration between a small group of Washington, DC embassies and cultural centers. We are pleased to offer, in streaming, our Italian selection from EuroAsia Shorts 2022.




Italy, 15 min.
Director: Pierpaolo De Mejo
Pietro is 70 years old and a bicycle addict with a heart condition. His country ride hits a bump, and he reflects on his estranged family. Should he pick up and ride again? 



Italy, 9 min.
Director: Pierdomenico Minafra
An old man in a big, empty house lives his days to the rhythm of his habits: always the same, regardless of the time of day. Something will change as soon as he decides to shake things up, hoping for a reunion.


A Story of Life

Italy, 2021, 4 min.
Director: Simone Esposito
Francesco decides to tell his daughters about the most beautiful relationship of his life.


Runtime: 29 minutes

Shorts in Italian with English subtitles


Registration (streaming from June 18 to 20)



PLEASE NOTE: Streaming is available between June 18th at 10:30 AM (ET) and June 20th at 10:30 PM (ET). After unlocking the film, you have 24 hours to start viewing, and from the time you begin watching, an additional 24 hours to complete it. All streaming will end at 10:30 PM (ET) on June 20th, please plan the time you start watching accordingly.

Content available ONLY in the United States



Data: Da Sab 18 Giu 2022 a Lun 20 Giu 2022

Organizzato da : IIC Washington

Ingresso : Libero