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35th Annual FilmFest DC



35th Annual FilmFest DC

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The Washington, DC International Film Festival (Filmfest DC) will present its 35th anniversary edition from Friday, June 4 through Sunday, June 13, 2021. Most of the festival will be presented virtually in 2 series. This year’s selection comprises a lineup of 60 new films from 35 countries over 10 days.

Complete film details, festival guide, and ticketing information - including step by step instructions on how to purchase tickets - are available here.

We are pleased to announce that the Italian selection will include the screenings of Gli anni più belli (The Best Years) by Gabriele Muccino and Non odiare (Thou Shalt Not Hate) by Mauro Mancini.




Gli anni più belli (The Best Years)

Italy, 2020 
134 minutes, Color

Internationally acclaimed director Gabriele Muccino's filmmaking prowess is confirmed in this exhilarating saga of friendship. The Best Years explores the cycle of life and relationships spanning more than 40 years against the backdrop of contemporary Italian history seen through the eyes of three childhood friends and the girl they all fall in love with at one point in their lives. Giulio, Paolo, Riccardo, and Gemma form a strong bond as teenagers, only to go their separate ways in early adulthood. They reconnect later on, until passion and betrayal threaten to tear them apart forever. Muccino's inspired portrait of a generation pauses briefly to nod at pivotal world events, including the fall of the Berlin Wall and the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the Twin Towers. With a star director, a powerful ensemble cast, unforgettable scenes, and a compelling story, The Best Years will leave you craving more Italian cinema.—Various sources

In Italian with English subtitles
Content available ONLY in DC, Maryland and Virginia
Friday June 4 - Tuesday June 8

More info and tickets here


Non odiare (Thou Shalt Not Hate)

Italy, 2021 
96 minutes, Color

As a child in the mountainous northeastern region of Italy, Simone Segre was tutored in the harsh pragmatism of his Holocaust-survivor father that sometimes you must do what you don't want to do. As an adult, and a surgeon, Simone (Alessandro Gassmann) is called upon to save the life of a neo-Nazi. His decision enmeshes him with the man's family, their inherited beliefs, and their financial problems as well as with his own psychological inheritance from his secretive, abused, and abusive father. Mauro Mancini's impressive debut feature is a complex exploration of place, politics, and patriarchy by way of an intimate character study. Alessandro Gassmann brings a fine-tuned intensity to the role of Simone that leads one to think he might know a little about being Jewish in today's Italy and also about fathers; his is the late, great Italian actor Vittorio Gassmann, under whom he also studied.—Judy Bloch

This film won Best Italian Film and Best Actor at the Venice International Film Festival. 

In Italian with English subtitles
Content available ONLY in DC, Maryland and Virginia
Wednesday June 9 - Sunday June 13

More info and tickets here


Data: Da Ven 4 Giu 2021 a Dom 13 Giu 2021

Organizzato da : FilmFest DC

In collaborazione con : IIC Washington

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