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streaming > FilmFest DC – Virtual Private Screening



streaming > FilmFest DC – Virtual Private Screening

film fest dc


The 34th Annual Washington, DC International Film Festival will be presented online, allowing you to enjoy great films from the comfort of your own home. 

This year's festival will be shown in 2 series, between October 2nd and October 11th, 2020: 10 days, 52 films and 35 countries! We are pleased to announce that the Italian selection will include the opening night screening of Ordinary Happiness (Momenti di Trascurabile Felicità) by Daniele Luchetti, A Soul Journey by Marco della Fonte and The Champion (Il Campione) by Leonardo D’Agostini. The full festival schedule can be found here.



ordinary happinessMomenti di trascurabile felicità

Italy, 2019
93 minutes, Color

In this humorous contemplation on life, director Daniele Luchetti follows our bumbling hero Paolo who passes away after being hit by a car and is catapulted into an afterlife that resembles a crowded post office. However, Paolo receives good news of his imminent return to Earth from a clerk. Due to an administrative error, he is granted another 92 minutes of life. Paolo finds himself grappling with his past and how to best spend these last moments of life. As he reflects on both the profound and insignificant moments of his existence, he discovers what really shapes our daily lives, our relationships, and who we are. Loosely adapted from the short stories of Francesco Piccolo, this metaphysical comedy stars Italian comedian and satirist Pierfrancesco "Pif" Diliberto. Luchetti mixes his bittersweet style with Diliberto's unmistakable, sharp-witted comic timing and a lively performance by Italian musician-turned-actress Thony in this entertaining Palermo-set charmer.—Various sources

In Italian with English subtitles

Friday, October 2 - Tuesday, October 6 | More info and tickets here.



a soul journeyMARCO DELLA FONTE
Italy, UK, 2019
75 minutes, Color and Black & White

A huge annual summer festival of American soul music in a hillside town in Italy—who knew?! Decades ago, a teenaged Graziano Uliani heard the music of Otis Redding and was so captivated that he wanted to pay tribute. Uliani organized the Porretta Soul Festival, which has been going strong for 30 years. Attended by thousands from all over Europe, it is the largest such event on the continent. A Soul Journey presents exciting scenes from earlier Soul Festival performances by legendary greats Rufus Thomas, Solomon Burke, and Sam Moore and more recent ones by Otis Clay and the bawdy Sugar Pie DeSanto. A few of the veteran artists note that although soul is now less popular in the United States than in the genre's heyday, they are delighted to still be celebrated in Porretta. Treat yourself to a deliciously entertaining time as the dynamic performers sing their hearts out.—Cornelius Moore

In English and Italian with English subtitles

Wednesday, October 7 - Sunday, October 11 | More info and tickets here.



Italy, 2019
100 minutes, Color

Young Italian football (soccer) star Christian Ferro can't stay out of trouble off the field, but even the police want selfies with the local hero. After one too many public outrages, the team president declares that Christian must earn his diploma or be cut from the team. It turns out that the athletic prodigy was so good he didn't bother finishing school. That Valerio, the professor hired to tutor Christian, has no idea his client is so famous works in his favor—until he must contend with a disruptive entourage that includes Christian's father. After Christian fails his first test, Valerio discovers that the player's comprehensive knowledge of the game is the key to breaking through. But Valerio also hides a deep pain from his past. As the duo struggle to connect, The Champion demonstrates that the path to redemption doesn't always fly as straight as a soccer ball.—Dave Nuttycombe

In Italian with English subtitles

Wednesday, October 7 - Sunday, October 11 | More info and tickets here.



Data: Da Ven 2 Ott 2020 a Lun 12 Ott 2020

Organizzato da : Film Fest DC

In collaborazione con : IIC Washington

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