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Remembrance Day 2022 > Film screening and discussion: Kinderblock (L’ultimo inganno) by Ruggero Gabbai



Remembrance Day 2022 > Film screening and discussion: Kinderblock (L’ultimo inganno) by Ruggero Gabbai



On the occasion of the International Holocaust Remembrance Day 2022, the Embassy of Italy and the Italian Cultural Institute invite you to a special screening of Kinderblock, a documentary by Ruggero Gabbai.

The screening will be introduced by Ambassador Zappia’s opening remarks and a conversation with film director, Ruggero Gabbai, and Leslie Swift, Chief of Film, Oral History and Recorded Sound at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.

On March 29, 1944, Andra and Tatiana Bucci, aged four and six, were deported from Fiume, Italy, to Auschwitz. Born of a Jewish mother, there was no chance that the two sisters would survive in a place designed for mass murder. However, their striking physical resemblance confused the SS doctor who was supervising the selections and, mistaken for twins, Andra and Tatiana were selected along with their young 4-year-old cousin Sergio De Simone to serve in Dr. Mengele’s medical experiments.

Produced by Forma International, Fondazione Museo della Shoah and Goren Monti Ferra in collaboration with Rai Cinema, Kinderblock tells the story of Tati and Andra, how they survived, and the tragic fate of their cousin, Sergio, who never came back.


Directed by Ruggero Gabbai
Italy 2020 | 72 minutes
Film in Italian with English subtitles


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ruggero gabbai
Ruggero Gabbai


Ruggero Gabbai studied Film directing at Columbia University where he graduated in 1993. There he collaborated with directors such as Milos Forman, Emir Kusturica, and Martin Scorsese. His thesis project was his first documentary The King of Crown Heights, aired on prime time by PBS America and distributed worldwide. His documentary Memoria -filmed in Auschwitz- was selected for The Berlin Film Festival in 1997 and won numerous prizes. Since then, Ruggero has directed more than 25 documentaries focusing on many subjects, such as IO RICORDO, a docu-fiction based on the testimony of the relatives of the victims of the Sicilian mafia. The film received the High prize from the President of the Italian Republic Giorgio Napolitano.

His documentary The Longest Journey focuses on the compelling story of the Italian Jews of Rhodes who were deported from the Greek island to Auschwitz. The film has been selected at the 30th Jerusalem International Film Festival and has been broadcast by RAI in the International Holocaust Remembrance Day 2014.

He has directed CityZEN, a documentary about the notorious neighborhood known as ZEN built on the outskirts of Palermo. The film was selected at the Taormina Film Festival and broadcast by Sky Atlantic. In 2016 he directed Starting Over Again, a documentary about the exodus of the Jews of Egypt between 1948 and 1956, which was followed by Libya, the last exodus in 2017. It is a documentary portraying the life of the thriving Jewish community in Libya and in its capital, Tripoli. In 2018 Gabbai directed La Razzia, Roma 16 ottobre 1943, a documentary portraying the violent raid which brought to the deportation of more than 1.000 Italian Jews. The film has been selected for the 13th Festival del Cinema di Roma and its rights were bought by Rai Cinema. In 2018, Ruggero has directed the documentary Being Missoni, about the family and the style of a unique Italian fashion brand, broadcast by Sky Arte.


Leslie Swift
Leslie Swift


Leslie Swift has worked at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum for more than 20 years, first in the Photo Archives and then in the Film and Video Archive, which houses the Museum's extensive collection of archival film from the Holocaust period. Since October 2014 she has been the Chief of the Film, Oral History, and Recorded Sound branch. Leslie has an undergraduate degree in history from Elmira College and a master’s degree in American Studies from George Washington University.



Date: From Thursday, January 27, 2022 to Sunday, January 30, 2022

Organized by : Embassy of Italy, IIC Washington

Entrance : Free


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