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available online > Major Key: A Jazz Soiree with Paolo Fresu & Daniele di Bonaventura



available online > Major Key: A Jazz Soiree with Paolo Fresu & Daniele di Bonaventura

Our virtual stage reopens for an intimate performance with trumpeter Paolo Fresu, one of the greatest jazz artists in Italy with a thriving career spanning over 30 years. Fresu will be accompanied by bandoneonist Daniele di Bonaventura.  

The repertoire of this extraordinary duo features original ballads, improvisations, a Puccini theme from La Boheme, music by Neapolitan composer Ernesto de Curtis, “O que sera” by Chico Buarque and more. While di Bonaventura’s creativity brings jazz and South American music tradition together, Fresu’s muted trumpet reminds us of Miles Davis. Inspired by ethnic, classical and electronic music, the two musicians will transport us on a musical journey full of emotions expressed through their unique lyricism.


 CONCERT (via Facebook) 

(Originally broadcast on November 13, 2020) 



This concert is presented in collaboration with DC Jazz Fest

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paolo fresu

At the beginning of the '80s, trumpeter Paolo Fresu attended the Siena Summer Jazz Seminars and amazed Enrico Rava with his creativity, talent, and technique. Over the next ten years, he became a major player of the Italian scene, first with his own quintet - which still plays together – and then branching out in a variety of projects. After finishing his Conservatory studies, he became a teacher at the Jazz Seminars in Siena where he was discovered. He lives half of the year in Paris, coordinating the Time in Jazz Festival, which he started in his hometown. His discography numbers are astonishing, 130 titles, from playing all over Europe in a variety of projects, from contemporary music to straight jazz, and from dance to jazz/folk fusions.

His style is based on the classic Miles Davis sound of the '50s, and the very lineup of his quintet is reminiscent of Davis' group, with excellent tenor Tino Tracanna. They mostly play originals and the music flows fresh and engaging, never a mere imitation. “Live in Montpellier” (1990) and “Ossi di Seppia” featuring Gianluigi Trovesi, both on Splasc(h), are good representations of the different facets of the group; “Shades of Chet” is an affectionate tribute with Rava on Label Bleu (2001) featuring new piano talent Stefano Bollani. “Sonos 'E Memoria” (ACT 2001) and “Metamorfosi” (BMG 1999) are respectively inspired by Sardinian musical heritage and European classical Richard Strauss, their success being proof of his commitment to an open musical aesthetic. In addition to the quintet, Fresu played in an unusual duo with bassist Furio di Castri, which became the PAF trio with the addition of Antonello Salis on piano and accordion, and in another trio with English pianist John Taylor (“Contos”, Egea 1995). His European quartet includes French-Vietnamese guitar player Nguyên Lê (“Tales From Viêtnam”, ACT, 1995).



daniele di bonaventura

Daniele di Bonaventura is a composer, arranger, pianist and bandoneonist. From the beginning of his musical career he was fascinated by musical improvisation. He studied classical music, and at the age of eight, he learned to play the piano, cello, but also how to conduct an orchestra. The range of his musical activities extends from classical music to contemporary music, through jazz, tango, world music, theater, cinema and dance. He played, recorded and performed with: Enrico Rava, Paolo Fresu, Stefano Bollani, A Filetta’s Choir, Oliver Lake, David Murray, Miroslav Vitous, Rita Marcotulli, David Liebman, Toots Tielemans, Lenny White Omar Sosa, Flavio Boltro, Joanne Brackeen, Greg Osby, Ira Coleman, Dino Saluzzi, Javier Girotto, Cèsar Stroscio, Tenores di Bitti, Aires Tango, Peppe Servillo, David Riondino, Francesco Guccini, Sergio Cammariere, Lella Costa, Ornella Vanoni, Franco Califano, Eugenio Allegri, Alessandro Haber, Enzo De Caro, Omero Antonutti, Giuseppe Piccioni, Mimmo Cuticchio, Custòdio Castelo, Andrè Jaume, Furio Di Castri, U.T. Gandhi, Guinga, Riccardo Fassi, Frank Marocco, Paolo Vinaccia, Mathias Eick, Bendik Hofseth, Quinteto Violado and more. In 2003 he composed, arranged and played for the Philharmonic Marchigian Orchestra the “Suite for Bandoneon e Orchestra”. He released more than 20 albums on various labels.



Date: Friday, November 13, 2020

Organized by : IIC Washington

In collaboration with : DC Jazz Festival

Entrance : Free