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BeBlind, presenting Debora Petrina - DC Jazz Festival - Jazz in the 'Hoods®



BeBlind, presenting Debora Petrina  - DC Jazz Festival - Jazz in the 'Hoods®

The Italian Cultural Institute of Washington DC, in collaboration with the DC Jazz Festival, invite you to attend the concert BeBlind, presenting Debora Petrina.

BeBlind is the new album by Petrina, published by AlaBianca/Warner.

In BeBlind Petrina focuses on her progress as a songwriter and composer, orchestrating a compact and cohesive opera in which pop-rock is declined in a personal way, putting together suggestions from psychedelia, funky, prog, electronics, classical and choral music; an intense and restless opera, often dark, whose expressive strength resides in the fusion of research and immediacy, density and simplicity.

BeBlind is a provocative exhortation to be blind in the comprehension of a reality always more complex, both in the relationships mediated by tools/screens/barriers, and in the confused or distorted reading of the social and political events which determine our life.

But it is also a possible escape route, a visionary blindness which allows to see beyond.

Petrina will present BeBlind in a unique and unreleased version, only for voice, piano and drums, at the DC Jazz Festival in Washington.

She will present also Roses of the Day, the song published by Edition Peters with John Cage, and other pieces from the eponymous album, together with new songs she is currently writing.

Singer, pianist, composer and dancer, Petrina represents an unicum in the Italian panorama, synthetizing in a visionary style her oblique and sensual songwriting with the experimentations of pop-rock, electronics, avant-guarde and jazz.



Embassy of Italy - Auditorium
3000 Whitehaven St, NW
Washington, DC 20008







A singer, pianist, composer and dancer,  Debora Petrina represents a unique case in the Italian panorama, synthetizing in a visionary style her oblique and sensual songwriting with the experimentations of pop-rock, electronics, avant-garde and jazz.

​Appreciated by David Byrne, who has often published her songs in his radio playlists of favorites, she has now recorded her forth album as a songwriter, BE BLIND, published by AlaBiancaGroup/Warner.

In her previous album, ROSES OF THE DAY, Petrina has recomposed a piece by John Cage: the score, ''Roses of the Day'', has been published worldwide by Edition Peters (NY) – the official editor of John Cage - with the double name John Cage/Debora Petrina.

​She has played with John Parish, David Byrne and Jherek Bischoff (guests in her PETRINA album), Elliott Sharp (guest in her IN DOMA album), Paolo Fresu (who has published her ROSES OF THE DAY album), Sylvano Bussotti, Mike Sarin, Nicholas Isherwood, Mario Brunello, performing in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, London, Berlin, Koln, Madrid, Strasbourg, Tokyo and Osaka.

​She has recorded an album with Paolo Fresu and some of the most famous Italian jazz players for l'Espresso/La Repubblica, the most important Italian editorial group.

​She has recently sung as a main character with Nicholas Isherwood in a contemporary opera produced by Teatro La Fenice in Venice.

​As a contemporary pianist she has recorded in the United States and in Europe albums of unpublished works by Morton Feldman (OgreOgress) and Sylvano Bussotti (Stradivarius), and she has played world and European premières of pieces by Cage, Feldman, Maderna, Rota, Togni, Bussotti, and Katunda at La Fenice Theatre in Venice, Mills College (Oakland) and the Conway Hall in London.

​She has hosted a radio show at the Radio of Italian Switzerland – Rete Due and she has been Karol Armitage's assistant during her direction of the International Dance Festival at Biennale Venezia.

She is also a performer in a broader sense: she has danced in international projects of such choreographers as Iris Erez and Sara Wiktorowicz, and she has choreographed herself (her solo piece She-Shoe has been featured at the International Dance Film Festival in Yokohama, Japan). She has performed at the Venice Biennale 2013. She has also composed the choreography for Morton Feldman’s Three Dances, which she performs in the double role of pianist and dancer.



''Petrina is one of the most original artists that have emerged over the last decade. Multiple, and multiplying art'' (Paolo Fresu)

 ''Every track is a winner, proving that incredible art can be accomplished in the arena of popular songcraft'' (Jon Davis, Exposé Magazine-Seattle)

 ''A collection distinguished by a newyorker’s coolness (between Laurie Anderson and Talking Heads) which confirms her among the most talented Italian off-musicians'' (Rockerilla)

 ''The impetuous, mighty and powerful sound of a grunge Kate Bush'' (Classic Rock)

''A rock songwriting which evokes Fiona Apple, epic atmospheres prog oriented, rock moods, new wave trends, an almost metal riff. The diversity with Petrina is that her different souls don't experience any difficulty in existing together, to the point that none is dominant. And all of them are effective'' (Blow Up)


 ''Paper Debris is the song which Tori Amos has desperately been trying to write over the last few years. Looking beyond, listening with wide open ears'' (Il Mucchio)

 ''The influences are so many (Kate Bush, Laurie Anderson and, in the darkest moments, Sioux Sioux) and combined with personality – thanks also to an intrepid voice which doesn't fear any comparison'' (Vinile)


Date: Friday, June 16, 2017

Time: From 6:00 pm To 8:00 pm

Organized by : Italian Cultural Institute

In collaboration with : DC Jazz Festival

Entrance : Free - Reservation May Be Required


Embassy of Italy